Q: I have Bruce!

Please don’t make offers as anon! It doesn’t really work out that way :) Message me person who has bruce

asked by Anonymous

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Q: Hi, I saw your post about Maple and I am willing to trade Bruce for her.

When would you be able to trade?

asked by Anonymous

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Q: Do you still got maple?

Maple is still available yes

asked by mumu-story

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Q: hi, if nobody takes maple tonight could a friend of mine have her?

Maybe! If they made me an offer

asked by Anonymous

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Tex is Waddling Out (Resub)


Villager you’re trading: Tex
Villager(s) you’re looking for:Diana, Bruce, Beau, Fuchsia, Sprinkle
When your villager moves: Tomorrow (June 19th) EST
Additional info: Accepting Bell offers
URL: APotentialHeart
Mayor Name/Town Name: Sarah/ Aniville
FC: 5456- 0468- 2297

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